Custom Home Masonry


The perfect masonry project starts with picking the perfect products. Amplify Masonry through our extensive supplier network can find a wide range of products and brands. From modern to classical Styles Amplify Masonry will work closely with homeowners, designers & general contractors to find the find product to fit your style and budget. Already have a product picked? No problem we can work with you supplier to ensure seamless delivery and correct product quantities

Your Custom Homes Mason

Masonry veneer for custom homes can present a unique challenge for masonry contractors as each project is completely unique. This means that a mason & project manager requires years of experience to be able to effectively complete the project. From choosing the right materials, ordering pre-cast and scheduling the crew and arranging cleanup we work closely with you to get the job done on budget and on time for your custom homes masonry.

Before We Start Project

Before any qualified contractor can start masonry for your custom home it's important the followings things are in place or completed;

custom homes masonry framed house icon1

Framed Home


Clean Formed Brick Ledge


Door and Windows Installed

Custom homes masonry roof icon3

Completed Roof

custom homes masonry plug icon6

Power Available Onsite


Water is Available Onsite


Site is Clean of Debris


Home is Back filled and Usable Terrain

2-5 Year Warranty on Custom Home Masonry Contracting

Do your job confidently with Amplify Masonry. We stand behind our commitment to Quality and accountability.

Liability Insurance & WSIB Certifed

You Never have to worry when you hire Amplify Masonry, your property is 100% insured against any damages or liabilities.

Match Existing Brick, Any Size & Age!

With over 30 brick suppliers to choose from Amplify Masonry Contracting will always ensure we colour & texture match your bricks and mortar!

Quality Guaranteed

We will do whatever it takes to get the job done right! Quality and craftsmanship comes first with Amplify Masonry Contracting!

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