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Make Your Damaged Brick Look New Again

The best brick repair projects are those that are barely noticeable. Our expert masons will find the right brick colours, textures and sizes to match your existing bricks. We not only fix the brick damage we protect the area from future damage and erosion by ensuring water is draining away from affected area and not sitting on the surfaces. Fix issues now and prevent issues in the future.

Heritage masonry restoration red brick Toronto beforeHeritage masonry restoration red brick Toronto after

Cracked or loose brick repair is the most common type of masonry repair that properties require. Brick damage may be caused by impact (cars, trucks etc), running water damage or ice damage. On top of fixing the damage itself, we would want to identify the root cause of the problem to protect your property in the future.

Once a brick is cracked or loose it will only get worse, it is important that you fix it as soon as possible to avoid paying for additional repairs.

For a quicker estimate take a photo and send it to us online. You may also Call us and we will be happy to assist you.

Repairing your Brick Chimney is an important part of maintaining your property. Brick chimney damage is usually caused by expanding chimney cracks, water erosion, ice storms, and wind storms. A properly installed chimney without major weather damage can last 50+ Years.

If you can see your chimney repair damage from the ground take a photo and send it to us online for a Free Quote within 24 hrs. You may also Call us and we will be happy to assist you.

Spalling brick damage? Usually caused by running water over a few Canadian winters. Spalling bricks need to be replaced with close matching bricks and the original cause (running water) needs to be identified and stopped in order to prevent a future occurrence. This can be accomplished by putting metal flashing or a window sill over the affected area.

To start your spalling brick repair process, take a picture of the damage and send it to us online or Call us and someone will be happy to assist you.

The mortar between your bricks is what holds your brick wall up. If you notice that it has started to crack or fall out it's important you fix before it becomes a larger issue. Tuckpointing damaged mortar ensures that it remains strong and the brick structure remains secure.

If you are able to take photo's of the damage send it to us online for a quicker estimate. We also love hearing from our clients. Call us today and we will gladly go over your Tuckpointing project with you.

Simply 3 Step Masonry Brick Repair Process!

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You never have to worry when you hire Amplify Masonry for brick repairs, your property is 100% insured against any damages or liabilities.

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