Brick Bond Patterns

    Brick Bond Patterns

    6 Most Popular Masonry Brick Bond Patterns


    Below we have listed all the different types of masonry brick coursing that Amplify Masonry can use on your project. From these types of coursing a skilled mason will have an unlimited amount of bonds they can develop.


    Common Bond

    The most striking feature of the common bond is the corse of header inserted every five or six courses. Its essential for this bond that the header is centered on a stretcher and the joinder of each courser of headers must align.


    Flemish Bond

    The Flemish bond is compromised of alternating stretchers and headers. For this bond the header is entered on a stretcher both above and blow the course.


    English Bond

    The English bond is comprised of alternating courses of stretchers and headers where a header is centered above a stretcher. In a English Bond the joints of the stretcher courses align and the joints of the header courses align.


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    1/2 Running Bond

    The 1/2 Running Bond is the most common type of brick bond used on masonry projects. It's main component is stretchers offset by 1/2 brick per course.


    1/3 Running Bond

    The 1/3 Running bond is similar to the 1/2 Running bond, but instead it's main component is stretchers offset by 1/3 brick per course.


    Stack Bond

    To achieve this bond a mason uses a course of stretchers, each stretcher is stacked directly above the stretcher below ensuring the joints align. This bond has structural limitations and can generally only be used for exterior veneers that are not load bearing.


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