Residential Masonry Contracting Services

Residential Masonry Services

Amplify Masonry provides fully managed residential masonry solutions.. Your exterior masonry is what is going to protect your investment for decades to come. Amplify Masonry Contracting employs only the most skilled professional and skilled masonry crews. We provide comprehensive residential masonry estimates, complete with highlighted sections of your architectural drawings. Pre-Planning before project start is important for both parties.


The perfect masonry contracting project starts with picking the right masonry products. With so many options it's sometimes hard to hunt down the perfect match. Our project managers work with you and our local and worldwide network of suppliers to find the right match. From Modern to Classical Styles Amplify will surely have the best products to suit your masonry building needs.

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Precast installation for residential masonry done by Amplify Masonry
Carved Limestone

Precast / Carved Stone

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With uncertainty in the Canadian real-estate market it's often more effective to upgrade your homes masonry than buy a new home to fit your families needs. Or if you recently purchased a home adding an addition, stone refacing, stone fireplace or pre-cast gives it your personal stamp. Our project managers work with you to pick out the right products and solutions that fit your unique situation. If that means working with your architect, engineer or general contractor we have the skills and patients to get it done.

Slide Through Some of Our Projects

  • Indiana Lime Stone Custom Home - Richmond Hill
  • Black enbony smooth velour brick custom home richmondhill (2)
  • Permacon stone residential masonry contractor Mansion
  • Reaidential Brick Masonry Contracting markham
  • Commercial Block Wall
  • Commercial brick cladding
  • Commercial stone veneer

2-5 Year Warranty on Residential Masonry Contracting

Do your job confidently with Amplify Masonry. We stand behind our commitment to Quality Residential Masonry and accountability.

Liability Insurance & WSIB Certifed

You never have to worry when you hire Amplify Masonry, your property is 100% insured against any damages or liabilities.

Match Existing Brick, Any Size & Age!

With over 30 brick suppliers to choose from Amplify Masonry Contracting will always ensure we colour & texture match your bricks and mortar!

Quality Guaranteed

We will do whatever it takes to get the job done right! Quality and craftsmanship comes first with Amplify Masonry Contracting!

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