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When you have a stone fireplace idea, you can trust Amplify Masonry Contractor to have the skills to bring your ideas to life. Imagine having the fireplace of your dreams without the headaches. We guarantee our services and back it up with a 2-5 year guarantee. Contact us today to pick out your materials and sketch out design ideas.


Whether it's a straightforward fireplace build or a unique fireplace that requires sophisticated engineering Amplify Masonry contracting has the expert masons and project managers to guide you through the design and final construction phase. Your fireplace is the centerpiece of your home, trust only the experts to pull off the unique look and feel your going for.


Some Recent Stone Fireplaces We've Completed

Real Natural stone for fireplaces is the most luxurious and most durable material available on the market. Amplify works with only the high end natural stone suppliers across North America who constantly test their products for durability and quality. You can be assured that with Amplify Masonry you will have the most stunning natural stone products & masons who will help you create an amazing fireplace to share with your friends and family for generations.
Thin brick veener is brick that has been sliced or made to a smaller dimension (thinner) so you can have brick on any existing surfaces around your fireplace. Brick veneer comes in many styles and colours from ultra modern black glazed bricks to classic or rustic red bricks from decades past.
Thin Stone Veneer is fireplace stone that has been sliced or made to a smaller dimension (thinner) so it can be installed on any existing surfaces without the need to build a new concrete ledge to support the weight of the full bed stone. You can put your fireplace stone on any surfaces including wood, cement board, brick, stucco and more. With a large selection of thin stone veneer products to choose from your stone fireplace stone ideas will come to life with Amplify.

2-5 Year Warranty on Stone Fireplace Masonry Contracting

Do your job confidently with Amplify Masonry. We stand behind our commitment to Quality and accountability.

Liability Insurance & WSIB Certifed

You Never have to worry when you hire Amplify Masonry, your property is 100% insured against any damages or liabilities.

Find the right Materials

With over 30 masonry suppliers to choose from Amplify Masonry Contracting will always ensure we find the colour & texture match your style and project.

100% Quality Guaranteed.

We will do whatever it takes to get the job done right! Quality and craftsmanship comes first with Amplify Masonry Contracting!

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