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Amplify Masonry employs stone masons who are some of the most qualified in Canada. With an average of 25+ Years of experience laying natural and man made stone we will ensure that your stone work is 100% to your satisfaction. Hire only the most qualified Stone Mason for your next Stone work project.

3 Step Stone Masonry Process

Stone Masonry Products

There are many stone masonry products for your to choose from. We will gladly help you pick the right natural stone or artificial stone product that best suites your style and budget. From Arriscraft & Permacon Stone to Owen Sound & Indiana we have the stone products to meet your needs.

Stone Masonry Products

Permacon makes one of the most popular concrete "artificial" stone products on the market. Comes in variety of colours and sizes. With popular brands line such as Lafitt Alto Stone, Mondrain Stone, Lexa Stone & More.
This is a natural stone that is well known for its strength and beauty. Very popular with new homes across the GTA for its strong curb appeal. This stone can be cut to meet your unique needs. From large panels to smaller sizes. Available in a smooth faced or rock faced.
Arriscraft stones make one of the most durable and visually appealing "artificial" stone products on the market. Extremely popular with architects for its variance in styles and durability Arriscraft offers both "rough rock faced" or "smooth" . Popular brand lines include Arriscraft Renaissance, Algonquin Citadel, Canyon Buff Laurier,
Natural limestone extracted by Ebel Quarries. Comes in many styles, extremely popular with commercial applications to add style and elegance. Known for its resilience and natural beauty.

2-5 Year Warranty on Masonry Contracting

Do your Stone Mason job confidently with Amplify Masonry. We stand behind our commitment to Quality and accountability.

Liability Insurance & WSIB Certifed

You Never have to worry when you hire Amplify Masonry, your property is 100% insured against any damages or liabilities.

Large Stone Product Choices

With over 30 stone suppliers to choose from Amplify Masonry Contracting will always ensure we can find the colour, texture and style that match your unique needs.

Quality Guaranteed

We will do whatever it takes to get the job done right! Quality and craftsmanship comes first with Amplify Masonry Contracting!

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